Mortgage Lending

How much do you really know about mortgage?

You might have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, but when it comes to the most important financial decision you make in your life- YOUR HOME- how much do you really know?

You need a knowledgeable lending partner you can trust!

Here are 5 mortgage subjects for you to consider:

Pre-Approval – We provide quick and easy to use technology for your pre-approval. Submit your online application at  I will provide a checklist for the required supporting documentation for your pre-approval so nothing is forgotten. Once all the information is entered in the system, you will receive an update on what happens next!

Loan Options- Evaluating the best loan option to fit your needs. A 30yr mortgage may not be the best loan program for everyone. We offer a Lock and Shop option so you can lock in the rate for up to 180 days while you search for your dream house!

Loan process- The Loan Officer, Processor, and Appraiser will work together to obtain loan approval. The Loan Officer, Closer and Escrow Officer will prepare closing docs and work to keep the closing date and time on schedule.  If you choose the wrong lender your closing could be delayed or worse, you could go into default of contract and lose your escrowed deposits.

Loan closing- Once the loan is approved and the closing date and time have been confirmed, you need to schedule final walk through of your new home! You also need to see the Final HUD settlement statement before the closing to make sure there are no surprises.  If you choose the wrong lender, you may not see the final figures until you are at the closing table.

Loan servicing after closing – At Guardian Mortgage we manage our customers for life! Very few lenders these days keep their servicing rights after the loan is closed. A high percentage of lenders sell their loans, in some instances within as little as one week.  It is extremely important to find those lenders who keep the serving right after closing. Why? It’s easy for you to manage your payments, escrow account and maintain ongoing relationships with the lender you chose to work with instead of this week’s highest bidder.

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